What makes a good copywriter? – tips from the Alpha57 team

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With hundreds of promotional emails everyone receives on a daily bases, what can a copywriter do to create quality content that will reach its audience? While there are numerous elements that every great promotional piece needs to reach its audience, Alpha57 will help you take that extra step and be the best copywriter you can be.

A good copywriter should:

  • Understand the company

It may seem obvious, but the first thing a good copywriter needs to do is to get to know the company. You should be familiar not only with the basics of the firm that’s hiring you, you should get to know them in depth. This means a good copywriter must get to know how the company works, what are their goals, and most importantly, what products they want to put out on the market. The more you know the company and its products, the more precise and persuasive your texts will get and this can make all the difference when it comes to the selling aspect of the business.

  • Understand clients

After you get to know your company, you should learn more about its clients (because as Alpha57 team knows from experience, the company’s clients are your clients). Before writing a great piece, you need to understand your audience. Observe and listen to the clients. When you figure out why they might be interested in the product in hand, you will be more attentive to their needs and your piece will connect with them on a deeper level. If your piece connects with your clients’ feelings, it will certainly reach its goal and sell the products more effectively.

  • Work on the title and the lead

You may know the product in detail and understand your client, but if you are not able to create an interesting title and, more importantly, an eye-catching lead, your clients will most likely move on to another text. While it’s imperative for copywriters to work fast in order to meet their deadlines, you need to focus on offering attractive titles that will make your clients want to click on your texts and then you have to have a lead that will keep them hooked. By knowing your products and understanding your clients, you should have enough material to come up with great introductory elements. Remember, it’s the title and the lead that make all the difference and eventually sell the product!

  • Include different perspectives

Alpha57’s final tip is to include opinions other than your own. Yes, you are the copywriter, but that doesn’t mean that you can not include customer reviews, for example. Your copywriting will get the extra boost if you include opinions from satisfied clients. These will emphasize the bond between your clients and the product and help new clients empathize with a product that they might not know yet. It’s this other perspective that will seal the deal and make your texts even more successful!

As you can see, with a small number of elements, you can successfully take your copywriting to the next level. Follow our tips and check out Alpha57 website for even more content on the subject.

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