The importance of email marketing – how to get started?

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If you are a young entrepreneur-to-be, with an idea of a startup, you probably belong to a younger generation that firmly believes in social media dynamic.

But even though email marketing is “old-school”, statistic says there are 1 billion users of Gmail around the globe!

Even though Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become the greatest weapons in conquering new customers, we shouldn’t ignore email as an important medium for reaching the vast number of people. After all, if only Gmail has 1 billion users worldwide, what about all the other email logins (Yahoo, Outlook), and the new ones constantly popping out (Zoho Mail, Godaddy).

Why is email still important?

Considering the fact that email as a platform and a way of communicating both privately and with customers; email marketing is still a key player in terms of online marketing. The email has existed almost as long as we have known about the internet. There is an information that e-mail exists from late 1960’s. So one might say it is the most trustworthy platform there is because of that. In general, people are not so willing to give you their Facebook profile or LinkedIn information while visiting your website or buying something on your website. And why is that?

  • People have become more aware of respecting their online privacy
  • They know what can happen if their photos and private information go in the wrong hands
  • There are not many notifications on email platform

So, if you want to reach out to people that maybe aren’t present on social media, to people that are not so free in giving their data, or to people that are tired of getting Facebook notifications all they long, then email marketing is the right thing for you!

How to get started?

1.      Get emails from the people interested
2.      Create original quality content
3.      Send newsletter to your audience weekly
4.      Use an email marketing platform to follow up your results and get new ideas

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

Well, not as much!
You should first understand your target group. Investigate the psychology of your consumers and figure out what they would like to read about.

Do you know what is the first most important thing in your newsletter?

It is the title of the newsletter.

The title is the thing that keeps your newsletter from being deleted or from being marked as spam. Of course, your content should be original and appealing for your consumer group. You should know what they would and wouldn’t expect. Play with content, have fun with facts, use graphics, but most importantly – keep your content personalized! It is the only way your customers will be aware of your existence, and choose you among the competition.
More about e-mail marketing basics and steps, you will find out in our next article. Until then, feel free to contact our Alpha57 team if you need any advice or help, or just continue following our blog for more information.

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