The Holiday Season At The Office

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While we are usually all about business, Alpha57 team decided to talk to you about a more cheerful topic: the holidays!

With the holiday season around the corner, there are some things you need to know as a young entrepreneur.

Organize an office party

Holidays are inevitable and they are the perfect moment for you to spend some quality time with your team. No need to go overboard, but an office party can be a great occasion for team building. Trust us, this can truly strengthen the bond between your team members. Tip: Keep things simple even though it’s the holiday. An office party should be the perfect mix of business and down time.


What should you do at the party? Network, of course. Take your time, get to know your employees more, discuss new business ideas. In one word, communicate! Office parties in general can be an amazing opportunity to get to know your team better. Tip: Try to talk to everyone in the room, as a host, you are there to help others network as well.

Make sure no one feels left out

This can be a difficult task, but as the one in charge, you should try to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. There are some people who dislike holidays, there are others who don’t like team building, it is up to you to include them in the conversation. Tip: Throw your party outside of the office, sometimes a change in the scenario can do wonders for communication. Going outside of the office can also be a great source of conversation topics, which might help shy employees communicate more.


Do a secret santa

Does this seem not serious enough? It might be, but it’s the holidays, you want to keep everything cheerful! And who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts? Secret santa can bring some of your employees together, it can help them communicate with other team members they don’t see that much on daily bases. In one word, it will help you create a bond within your team! Tip: Make sure everyone keeps their gifts appropriate for the occasion by giving advice to those who are struggling to find a gift.


It is important for every entrepreneur to be close to his team. This is why the holidays are an opportunity you should never miss. Enjoy the holidays with your company, have fun with your team and then continue building the best company together! For more business advice, check out our site and contact our team.

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