Steps to making your email marketing strategy perfect

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So, in our last article, we have showed you why having a proper email marketing strategy is important. But what are the steps in making it interesting and essential?

Read here a few advises from our Alpha57 team.

Step one – email listing

Maybe the most important thing in leading email marketing is that you make your own list of people’s emails. And how are you getting those mails?

It is going on trough your website or social media platform. If you have a product or a service to sell online, the best way to gain email addresses is to integrate registration or an email subscription as a part of your purchasing process. In that way, you are getting the mails of persons that actually are interested in what you have to offer and send to them.

Step two – be original and true to your brand

It is hard to make original content every day, but audience doesn’t want a company that keeps sending them thousands of mails during the week and bothers them in that way. You have time to make creative and original content once a week. And if you have hard times with finding inspiration to do so – listen to your customers and learn from them!

  • What was the most sold thing during the week?
  • What did customers comment on the most?
  • Why did customers buy and comment precisely on those things?
  • Does audience have any proposal or a question that needs to be answered?

In that way, you will get close to your customers and show that you are interested in what they have to say. The most important thing to do is to keep your content natural, simple and understandable! You should choose the desired outcome from the communication with your customers. Is it:

  • increasing sales or
  • increasing the credibility of your service

By choosing the goal of communication, you will be able to understand in which way you are to write your content, keep the customers interested, but new audience coming to your site as well.

Step three – be consistent!

Be aware that your customers will notice if you are not consistent in what you are doing. If you have chosen a certain day to send your content to the audience, stick to it! If you have written on the site that you are sending the content once a week – do not send it every day! It will send the wrong message to the audience, and bad word-of-mouth marketing, and it is something you do not want to happen.

Step four – no limits

If you are just sending the mails with certain questions and limitations:

  • How many email addresses at once can I send the newsletter to?
  • Are my mails spamming people?
  • Is my newsletter mobile friendly? Can it be opened in any web?

Without these answers, handling email marketing can be a rather difficult job. Instead, you can try and use MailChimp, or some other email marketing platform to help you get a clear overview of the work being done. In this way, you are going to automate certain processes because you will know what is working and what is not working in your strategy.

More about MailChimp and different email marketing platforms, you are going to find out in our next article.

In the meantime, if you do not have enough time, if you have troubles with finding ideas to write content or to invite customers to subscribe, feel free to write to our team in Alpha57. Our experienced team is ready to hear you out and help you with your email marketing strategy!

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