Social media tools important for young entrepreneurs

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We live in the age of social media and communication with your clients through various profiles on social networks is a must. If you want your business to succeed, you’ll need to pay close attention to your social media presence.

Here are some important social media tools that will help you make your social media accounts the best they can be.

From experience, Alpha57 team suggests you consider using the following tools:


A great design tool

Great social media posts equals great design. If you want great design, you don’t need to spend a ton of money. All you need to do is find the perfect tool online. When choosing among all the design tools, we suggest using Canva. It’s an extremely useful tool that is easy to use and offers countless designs as well as many customization options. With this tool (or similar ones), your profiles will look polished and professional, which is the key to having a steady number of followers.

An analytics tool

If you have a website (and you should have one), you are probably already using an analytics tool. In order to have great social media presence, you should closely follow all statistics. While it is possible to do this by hand, our team believes you should definitely use a tool that does this work for you. If you are not sure which tool to use, you can always stick to Google Analytics that is ubiquitous.

A scheduling tool

If you want your followers to keep checking out your social media profiles, you must post on regular basis. As a young entrepreneur, you surely have many daily tasks to deal with, so you won’t be able to post content to all your profiles every single day. This is where scheduling tools come in handy. You can do all the work at once, and set the schedule, the tool will do all the posting. SocialOomph, for example, allows you to create the content and move on to other work, while your profiles remain up to date, just like you want it.

A mention monitor

Lastly, Alpha57 team thinks a mention monitor will come in handy when you work on your social media presence. Tools like Notifyall can help you track all the posts that mention your business. This doesn’t seem that important? Think again. When growing your business, it is crucial to pay attention to those who mention your business, because communicating with your followers will take your social media profiles to the next level.

Social media management is an important work and, as a young entrepreneur, you will sometimes need to do all the tasks yourself. By using some useful tools, creating and uploading content can become a lot more efficient, which will eventually make your business more efficient as well. With these tools, your company will have amazing social media profiles and build a strong core of followers in no time! Please do contact us whether you have any more questions!

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