Marketo vs. MailChimp – learn everything you need with Alpha57 team

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Are you looking for new tools that would help you improve your business? Look no further, Alpha57 team is here for you. We are starting a new series of posts where we will compare tools that generate leads and do much much more.

First of in our series are Marketo and MailChimp. To find out more about these tools, keep on reading.


  • Marketo


Marketo is an easy to use marketing solutions that offers many services to entrepreneurs. It will not only help you generate leads, it will also be useful in growing the customer relationship.


What services does Marketo offer? It will help you with with emails, lead management, social media, landing pages and analytics. As you can see, it offers quite an array of possibilities.

When it comes to emails, you can create and send them to a large number of recipients in a blink of an eye. You can use smart lists (different parameters) in order to target the right audience.

When it comes to landing pages, Marketo allows you to design great ones and generate more leads that way.

Another great feature? Webinars. If you offer webinars, you can set up events with Marketo and if you have multiple events, you can clone the previous event to save up time.

Sales insight will help you prioritize your leads and analytics will help you visualize your performance (and evaluate it later).


Once you get to know all the features, you can exchange tips with other Marketo users thanks to Marketo community. Another great benefit of Marketo is that they offer resource for learning on their website!


When it comes to pricing, you have to contact Marketo to inquire about prices for each of the several bundles they offer.


  • MailChimp


MailChimp is one of the most famous platforms out there and its popularity certainly says a lot about it.


What will it do for you? MailChimp allows you to do several things related to your website. You can connect your store and use its services to improve your sales. It has integrated services that allow you to create targeted email or ad campaigns, follow up and send back-in-stock alerts and much more.

With Mail Chimp, you can make automates email series using a variety of filters (behaviour, preferences, previous sales, etc.). The best thing is that you can get an in-depth report at the end.

When it comes to ads, you can create Google, Facebook and Instagram ads. Depending on your company’s identity, you can create the perfect ad for your business that will be appropriate for the social network you choose.

Analytics will help you analyze how efficient your business is. It will allow you to refine and optimize both emails and ads afterwards.

A bonus function: there is a mobile app for marketing on the go. And you can integrate Mail Chimp with most popular apps (like Google and WordPress).


As for the pricing, there are three options: New Business pack is up for FREE, Growing Business will set you back 10$ per month and the Pro Marketer version is 199$ per month.


So, which of these two is better? They are both great and offer multiple services, so this is not an easy decision. However, if Alpha57 team has to choose one, we would go with Mail Chimp for two reasons: it has an incredible list of successful clients, which testifies of how useful it is; and it has extremely reasonable pricing (starting at 0$!). Marketo, on the other hand, offers amazing services, so don’t hesitate to use it too.

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