LinkedIn Vs. Facebook – a quick guide for young entrepreneurs

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We do realize it is hard to choose from all the social media platforms nowadays. Where should you make your profile? What should my first appearance be?

Here are a few tips for a young, inexperienced entrepreneur like you.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn?

If you already have a serious company or are enrolled in a seed startup, LinkedIn is a perfect place where you can find people that are similar to you. You can follow them and see what they are posting. You can follow up the news in your branch and the new content being made in the branch. So, if you are to lead a B2B business, LinkedIn seems like the right thing to have a profile on. Since:

  • It’s more professional than Facebook
  • You can reach to all the professionals around the world and expand your business
  • LinkedIn is completely transparent and business people using it are usually really straightforward and ready for cooperation and exchange of ideas

So, if you chose LinkedIn as your B2B profile, you won’t make a mistake. You can generate leads, your business’ marketing and your personal branding.

But what about Facebook, is it any worth?

Facebook, a truly social network platform, is designed to encourage people to share and communicate. While LinkedIn has established a reputation for connecting college-educated business professionals, Facebook has established a reputation for connecting almost everyone.

That is why maybe Facebook is a better idea for both your B2B and B2C marketing.

And why is that?

There are people that are using Facebook for making fake profiles and fake groups. That is true.

But! The vast majority of business people have their company’s profile on Facebook where they are branding their own business. However, they also have their own personal Facebook profile that they keep updated constantly. According to a research, business people spend more time on Facebook than on LinkedIn. Why?

There are a few reasons:

  • It is not strictly professional
  • People can show their true self – both their business and fun side
  • People can communicate in a more relaxed level
  • They can use Facebook as a more chill form of communicating even during the break
  • Everyone is on Facebook and not just professionals

The conclusion can be that now in 2017, people like it more when communication is laid back. Everything that leaves a sign of rigidity is being pushed away as something secondary. And Facebook is one place where you can be your true self. Where you can do the proper branding whether you are an individual with an idea, or a seed startup doing a B2B marketing for the first time in your life.

For both B2B and B2C marketing strategy, as well as various strategies for the use of Facebook and Twitter, you are more than welcome to contact our Alpha57 team. They are ready for your ideas!

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