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Links are at the heart of Google’s algorithms. This is reason enough to learn at least the basics of link building. Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, Alpha57 team is here to help you learn everything you need to know about link building.


Why are links important? As we already pointed out, links are what can help you rank higher on Google and some other search engines. Content is no longer the only thing that search engines analyze, we can even go as far as to say that links are now more significant.


What are the things that matter when creating great links?


  • Getting a link from a relevant site. It’s always great if you can get a link from a site that’s extremely relevant in your domain. It used to be important to get a link from a high-ranking site, but nowadays, it’s equally important that this site be an important player in its field.
  • The position of the link on your page. This seems obvious, but you don’t want to hide your link. Don’t place it somewhere on the bottom, or in the corner. You want your link to be on the main part of the page.
  • Get a link thanks to quality. You don’t want to get spam-like random links. What is at the heart of good link-building. The best links you can get are those that come from admiration.
  • Blog commenting. It’s ok to comment on blogs in order to get links, but only if you write meaningful comments. These can be great links, while spam-like comments will get you nowhere.
  • Anchor texts. If you get a link within a great text, Google will take it into account. It’s amazing if you can get an anchor text on a high-ranked popular website that will send readers to your page.


What content is linkable?

While most elements of your website can be linkable, we can tell you from experience that images, videos, as well as charts and stats are the most linkable content out there. Chances are, many readers/writers will want to use images and original new data for their own pages, which is why this type of content is great for link building.


As you can see, it is not that difficult to learn the basics of link building. Follow our tips, be open to learn and be sure to catch up with all the news regarding Google’s linking policies. There are penalties for users who try to cheat with link building, so make sure you follow the rules. For more help, you are welcome to check out http://alpha57.com/ or contact Alpha57 team.

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