One of the most important factors for growing your business is lead generation. It is an important aspect in all of your marketing mix and online activities. Lead generation is a smart and fast way to reach and inform potential buyers of your product or service. Alpha57 can help you find those customers.

Lead generation is based on our digital channels, and has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years and will continue to do so going forward. New online marketing and social marketing techniques arise all the time. It takes a lot time and training for a company to keep pace with the development in lead generation techniques. Let Alpha57 step in and monitor the technology and let you do what you do best – focus on the growth and every day business of running your company. We will scout potential buyers for your product or resource. We also will qualify potential leads before passing them to your sales department, letting them close the deal.

Why is lead generation important to you?

The buying process has changed for many people. Marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers and get heard through the noise on the internet. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and e-mail blasts, marketers must now focus on being found and building continuous relationships with buyers. That is why lead generation can be so effective for your business.

What kind of leads can I get?

CPL: Cost Per Lead – get in touch with people who qualify for being a potential customer for in your business
Co-regs: Co-registrations for your e-mail newsletter
TM: Telemarketing leads / Call Center leads

How we do the lead generation

Alpha57 works with a large variety of lead generation channels and those channels need to be developed constantly. Online surveys are one of the most effective ways of generating leads for your business. We have a large partner network that can help us with the traffic for the surveys primarily through social media and/or email marketing.

Start your lead generation today - We can help you!

Many marketing departments are allocating more and more of their budget to lead generation tactics. We have several options ready for your business, so don’t wait – contact us today. Let us help you start your own lead generation program.