6 Lead Generation Tools You Need Right Away

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Do you have a website? Is your website responsive? Does it work like a well-oiled machine? If your answer is yes to all these questions, than we can move on to talking about some tools that will help lead generation.

These tools are there to help you turn visitors (leads) into real customers who won’t just visit your page, but will actually pay for a product/service.


There is a tremendous number of lead generation tools out there and it’s impossible to list all the good ones in a single post.

Our Alpha57 team had made a selection of some useful lead generation tools for you:


  • Marketo is a multi-function tool that does lead generation and marketing. It has 5 main functions and you can mix and match the features you want to purchase. All its main functions are automated, so it will do a lot instead of you! It has a long list of outstanding customers, so wouldn’t be great to find yourself on that list?
  • Leadformly is there to help you create forms that can help you with lead generation. This tool can create the right questions that will help  you make that sale! And the great thing is that it has a starter pack with 250 leads or the advanced version with thousands of leads per month!
  • Colibri IO will find you conversations about you, your product, your brand. But this is not its greatest appeal. What Colibri can do for you is help you discover great websites where you can get mentions and promote your company. It can also help you with SEO and much more!
  • MailChimp is the tool for you if you need help with marketing emails. It offers numerous customization options, it can work with social media too, so it’s really an overall great tool for communicating with potential clients and turning them into fully fledged customers in no time!
  • Keyword Planner is a great tool to help you find the right keywords for your website. It will tell you which keywords are trending and which ones would be great for you and your company. The best part? It’s a Google tool and it’s free!
  • Q Customer exists to manage customer intelligence. It collects data from multiple sources in order to offer your potential customer a personalized online experience. It will save you a lot of time as it combines data from several aspects of your business, which is why it’s worth checking out.


Want more lead generation tools? In need of insider knowledge? Then don’t sit and wait. Go to, check out what our team has to tell you and feel free to contact us!

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