Is Pinterest an underrated social media platform and how to use it?

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Pinterest is an image-oriented platform founded in 2010 that allows its users to browse photographs, pin them and use them to create virtual inspiration boards. Think of it as half social media website, half search engine.

This website is often perceived as a typical social network and is therefore underrated in the world of business. However, as Alpha57 points out, Pinterest has great potential and it could be the perfect place that will help you reach your potential clients or get more traffic to your website.


Why should you use Pinterest to boost your business?


  • First of all, Pinterest is a platform with 175 million viewers and those users are your potential clients. And it is these clients that are often forgotten by the marketing experts, which means that entering Pinterest is entering a less competitive market.
  • While it is true that compared to Facebook, which has 2 billion users, Pinterest is relatively small, when you look at its annual growth, you’ll understand that it is a growing market. Just in the last year alone, 50% more people have joined the platform!
  • Furthermore, 80% of users access it on their phone, meaning that it can be a great tool for entrepreneurs wanting to expand their mobile-market presence.
  • Another great advantage of this platform? Unlike with pages on Facebook where posts reach only a certain part of your followers, all the pins that you post on Pinterest can be seen by all users.


What type of companies should use Pinterest?


Pinterest is focused mainly on photos, so some companies find it hard to understand its marketing potential for their field of work. If you sell clothing, jewelry or organize parties, being present on Pinterest is a no brainer. However, other types of business, like consulting companies for example, have a somewhat low presence on the platform. According to Alpha57 team, this could change as even companies that don’t offer material products can use this platform to their advantage. For instance, they can make charts and infographics to explain what they offer and how they work. Or they can share photos of satisfied clients in the environment where they use the product. The range of possibilities is quite wide.



If you want to successfully use Pinterest in your line of work, here are some tips from Alpha57 to help you in that:


  • Post regularly. When using Pinterest, you need to post regularly and make sure there is an abundance of high-quality content on your page.
  • Invest in quality photos. Pinterest is all about the visual aspect, so you need to post original photos that appeal to the potential clients. Whether you have the means to invest in a professional photographer or you choose to do all the work yourself, the result needs to be impeccable. Another advice? Choose vertically oriented photos as they work best for the layout on Pinterest.
  • Add direct links on each image. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest offers the possibility of adding links to your images, which will improve your stats and send more traffic to your main website.
  • Optimize your pins. Your boards should be neatly organized with well-chosen titles. Every pin should come with a description because descriptions increase the numbers of repinning. This ultimately helps your brand be more visible.

What are the differences between Pinterest and Instagram?

  • No hashtags. Another difference between other social media such as Twitter or Instagram is the lack of hashtags. Pinterest strongly advises against the use of hashtags as they won’t help you grow your business on this platform.
  • Use keywords. Unlike hashtags, keywords are strongly advised. Do your research, check out the automatically generated keyword and find the ones that fit your pins perfectly. The right keyword will allow more clients to find your products and will help you boost your sales.


In conclusion, our team advises young entrepreneurs to consider using Pinterest to improve their business as this platform is widely underestimated, yet has great potential. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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