How to use MailChimp and why is marketing automation important?

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Why is the automation of a certain work important?

Being a young entrepreneur that has just founded a startup brings a pile of work that should be done fast and promptly.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of people that support you on the way or not. You should be ready to work for hours every day to assemble all the necessary parts of the puzzle. And the finished puzzle is your product or service.

How are you able to finish everything in time?

Simply by eliminating the unnecessary things from your plate. You should automate everything that can be automated right from the start. In that way you will:

  • Save your time (and we all know that time is money)
  • You won’t be tiring your brain with unnecessary tasks
  • You will get more space to focus on more important things concerning your business

So, the best way for automating a certain part of your project is MailChimp!

How does MailChimp function?

It is only natural that you want to sell your product or service to the people. The proper way to do it is first by making a marketing campaign. MailChimp has a special campaign builder opportunity, where you would be able to create a campaign that shows the real personality of your product or service. By using that builder, it will only be easier for you to develop your marketing strategy. With MailChimp, you won’t feel like you are starting from the scratch, because the methods they have installed are rather transparent and helpful!

Do you already have contacts for your e-mail campaign?

Don’t worry if you still do not have!

MailChimp automatically generates a signup form for your list of contacts. You can then, post the form on your site or your Facebook page where you can start collecting the contacts for your list.

It’s piece of cake! Makes you feel like you don’t even have to move a finger, it all goes smoothly!

If you, on the contrary, already have a list of contacts whom you will be sending your newsletter campaign to, just sit and relax. MailChimp will use your setup details to automatically generate a default list for you. And you get an opportunity to create a new list of contacts every time you have a need to do it.

What is actually a campaign?

By the definition, marketing campaign is a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing, a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods.

It should be researched, well thought and planned, in order to reach the audience it is intended to reach. In order to get your marketing campaign right, you need to:

  • Study your audience
  • Realize their habits and desires
  • Make an easy to read and fun content that is explaining your company’s goal
  • Install MailChimp!

With these four steps, you will get the best start to the perfect campaign your product or service needs. And last but not the least, MailChimp is completely free to use. That is extremely important for all the newbie founders since the initial funds aren’t enough and sometimes cannot cover all the needed expenses.

If you have more questions regarding the use of MailChimp, or about marketing campaign overall, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Alpha57 team is ready to hear you out!

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