How to use infographics to increase customer conversion?

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Increasing customer conversion can be a hard thing to do. In today’s world, there are more websites than ever trying to win consumers’ attention. Writing blog posts is something almost every company should do in order to get their place in the online world.

What can you, as a newbie founder of a company do to increase customer conversion?

Other than writing blog posts, you should try and add the visual impression to the whole thing. With infographics, your customers’ conversion is only going to get better. The trick is that, according to a survey, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. If you combine both an interesting visual content together with a certain text, you will get the attention you need.

How can you use infographics to amplify customer conversion?

According to a guide on YouTube called Illustrator tutorial: The five keys to a great infographic |, there are 5 attributes to great infographics:

Contrast, hierarchy, accuracy, relevance and truth.

What does it basically mean?

  • Contrast is the part of making infographics that allows you to create a design that builds tension. It is important for you to draw a viewer’s attention to a specific area. And you are doing that with different color setting according to the importance of a certain field of interest. You should consider different ways in which colors are attracting your audience, and what message you want to promote.
  • Hierarchy – you should provide clear view of how the observer should look at the design. Audience should distinguish what is the most important thing to read. What is the first, the second or the third thing to notice in your infographics? You should make the hierarchy understandable for the viewer. Otherwise, you will leave your content misunderstood. And that can never be a good thing for your content.
  • Accuracy – you should be as precise as you can with the data you are providing. Provide all the possible proof regarding the data you have in your infographic. Be transparent in revealing your sources! In that way, you are going to gain trust from your audience, and you are going to get good word-of-mouth marketing!
  • Relevance – You should try not to provide info that confuses readers. Every time you make a new infographic, have someone else review your design. In that way you will be sure that everything you have put in an infographic is relevant to the audience. Sometimes, when we make something, we are not likely to be objective. We observe our work as something that is relevant and important. But is it important just for us, or for wider audience as well?
  • Truth – Don’t tell the false story! You should be aware of the truthfulness and again, have someone check up on what you have made in order to get a better overview of the infographic.

Will investing in infographics pay off on the long term?

Well, according to a survey, publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t. So why not give it a try!

If you need any more questions related to infographics, how to make them, or overall help in your marketing strategy, do not hesitate to contact our Alpha57 team! And read on our blog for more information about the possibilities in the online marketing world.

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