How to make an effective blog description – a few tips

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If you have a blog, you should make a blog description too. This introductory bit may seem like a given, but many bloggers forget that you should carefully put together this little, yet impactful text.

Here are some tips straight from Alpha57 team that will help you create an effective blog description.

First of all, why do you even need a blog description?

The answer is straightforward: an effective blog description will attract readers (and/or potential customers) and will result in more success for you. This description allows readers to discover what your blog is about, it’s a genuine expression of your vision that connects you to your readers. It’s what readers will read first, so it really is a make it or break it kind of section.

What info should you feature?

Your blog’s description should include something about your business and its values, about the readers you wish to attract and, of course, something about yourself. Here are these elements explained:

About your blog and your business

In this part of your description, you should write a short presentation of your ideas and goals for the blog. While you should include some general info, the real highlight should be about what makes your blog unique. Focus on the things that make your business stand out from the rest as this will surely spark interest among readers.

About yourself

Your blog is a reflection of you and your work, so you should definitely include something about yourself. Write some basic info, but don’t overdo it. This should feel human and personal, so make sure you don’t write a bunch of facts that could describe anyone. Through what you write about yourself, you should create a bond with your readers.

About your target readers

Speaking of readers, it would be nice to include something about the readers you want to communicate with. When reading your blog description, potential readers will appreciate being mentioned. This will also help them decide right away if your blog is what they are looking for and if they should keep exploring it.


Keywords are extremely useful for readers and search engines alike. This is why you should include some keywords that fit your business perfectly. But don’t overdo it! The description is about your blog, it’s not a portfolio of keywords, so pick a few that seem perfect for you and add them at the end of the description.

As you can see, your blog description is an essential element that should be carefully put together. With the right presentation, your About page will be the perfect fit for your readers and your blog will get the attention it deserves. Follow these Alpha57 tips and write an effective blog description today!

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