How to improve your marketing results using your Facebook account?

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So, here we are! It’s 2017 and a lot of people are now on Facebook (to be precise there are 1.94 billion of monthly active users).

Of course, you would think that it is a perfect place to broadcast your company and your idea. But are all those “active” users as active as they were years ago? Yes, Facebook is a platform that people use mainly to connect with their friends, or with people they haven’t seen for ages, but does everyone keep track on the happenings? There are too many new startups that pop up. There are too many Facebook pages that last for a week, maybe for two weeks, sometimes they survive even for a month. And then, due to a lack of originality, they just disappear never to be seen again. The painful truth is that nowadays, people have a lot of things to think about, and are overflown with new information and possibilities. That is why Facebook is the place for true originality. And why is that?

Brainstorm a sea of possibilities and ideas

One of my Facebook friends has founded a startup. Her company involves mainly things for girls (necklaces, bracelets) that she is making by herself. Her material and technique is rather unique. There are certainly a lot of people that would buy it. And she started her own campaign on Facebook. Do you know what she did? She gathered a bunch of material and put the most interesting models on her site right from the start!

Do you think that it was the wrong thing to do?

Well, we certainly think it was. Because, at the beginning, there were just her friends and family that carefully followed the page and liked everything she posted. But those were the people who already knew the product!

After a while there were certain people that started following the page. But the material that she posted wasn’t as interesting as the one in the beginning. No one would look through the whole page in order to find the most interesting content. Your content has to be interesting right from the start, that is true. But you have to follow the spirit of originality through the whole campaign.

How to build up a Facebook page?

You should brainstorm different ways in which you can do your marketing. Make a certain folder where you will collect different photos and similar ideas. It will be a small box of your product’s interpretations. Then, you should plan out how many times a week you are going to post things on your Facebook profile. According to how many things you own in a box, it can vary from one-two times a week, to posting something every day. But, beware to not exaggerate as my friend did.

You know, she used to post things every day for a month. She hasn’t even made a weekend break from posting. Do you know how it all ended?

It ended in a way that, after a month, she lacked any idea of what to post and when. And it is only after a month that she started getting new people, new audience that was ready to hear and see something new. But they saw nothing.

Communication with audience

Maybe you would think that, on Facebook profile, there aren’t many people that would collaborate and answer to the posted questions. But you’re wrong! Even though a large amount of people don’t post as much as they did before, they still want to take part on social media. They are either taking part passively (simply by observing what is going on there, who is where and doing what), or they are commenting and discussing certain subjects with other people. My friend obviously didn’t know that, since she never posted some question and asked for the audience to answer and take part in the project. And that is one of the crucial things to do!

By asking something and demanding for an answer, people feel like their opinion matters. And you are getting the feedback around your brand and in that way, you are going to find out how many people are actually following your work, how many people you have interested in the topics and in which way you are to continue the production of your product or service.

Party never stops

No matter how serious your project is, Facebook can actually be a place where you can show your fun side. Maybe you and your team have some photo of all of you together that shows how fun it is to work in your environment. You can even use your own personal profile where you could share what you did and where you have been last weekend. In that way, you are being transparent and showing people that not everything has to be so strict and serious and that you can find entertainment even in businesslike projects. You and your team should create an atmosphere on social media, Facebook the most, that is appealing to the variety of people. And the right way to do that is through live photos and exclusive and particular posts. In that way, you will be able to save up the material you have thought of in the beginning and save it for special occasions when you lack inspiration to continue your marketing strategy on social media.

Winning the prize

Even though there are people who are not eager to win and compete, there is always the other side. Those people share practically the same spirit as you and your team. And sometimes, you should communicate exclusively with them. And how are you able to do it?

Simply by running some sort of Facebook contest!

It can help you to boost your likes on the page. By that, you can grow your e-mail list, and most of all – you are going to strengthen communication with your audience. Even those customers that are not as interested in winning are going to follow the person who won the contest and you will be more visible online.

So what are you waiting for? Just go for it, make your Facebook page and become one of the people that are conquering social media!

If you have some techniques to share with us, feel free to comment in the section beneath.

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