How to improve marketing results using your Instagram account?

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You probably don’t think that Instagram has any influence on people business-wise. After all, there are so many beauty products, personal trainers and healthy food ambassadors, that you cannot be convinced that Instagram can help you in achieving a higher number of people interested in your product.

And how exactly are you going to do that?

There are a few tips here from Casper Ravn-Sørensen that are valuable to read.

  1. Being unique in your expression

So, you have your own blog and a Facebook page where you post the most important details of your business. But isn’t the fact that you can express yourself through a photo even more interesting? Imagine being able to post something different every day keeping your audience updated and giving them “behind the scenes” sneak peaks only through photos taken by your camera. It’s super cool, right? And the majority of your audience (if you are turned towards Generation X and Y) are on Instagram all day long. You are getting the necessary access to the audience, and they have time to check you out.

  1. Hashtags are crucial

But do not exaggerate. It would be the best if you would write the most necessary hashtags and use them in the description. Then, you can write even more hashtags in the comment section and in that way, you are giving the necessary space in the description so that people could see your comments and hashtags. Use 10-15 hashtags per Instagram post. Why would you use more? You can have a few of your own standard, custom hashtags, and then add something special every time. In that way, you will be able to make your own “album” on Instagram using your own hashtags and add a special touch to every post to come.

  1. Linking is the new black

Well this is one of the most important things, to be sincere. Links are super-duper important when it comes to internet marketing, and especially Instagram account. There should exist a link to Instagram profile below bio description. You can change your URL as often as you would like, especially if there is a specific product or page to link to. But the whole concept lies in linking things effectively. Do make trackable links to each of the specific Instagram URL.

  1. Pixlr is so fun to use – investigate it

Or any other program you can think of for image processing. And what for? Well, you have so many tools and options for processing images that you simply cannot avoid using them. Prices, options, promotions – everything can be set as a text overlay on the picture you are to post. In that way, you are giving your audience a clearer overview of the things going on. Tell your and your team’s story through those images, and let people get close to you. Investigate and invest in communication with your audience.

  1. User generated content

In order to build a customer-oriented business, you should start using user generated content. And what is that exactly? Besides meeting customers with your team and behind-the-scenes part of your work, you should actually share what your users are posting about you and your brand. Followers will be using your hashtags to show interest and to brand your product further. And by sharing their content, you can broaden the horizon of the customers involved. Show that you get your customers and their needs. They are certainly going to appreciate it and share it, giving you the opportunity to further develop your Instagram marketing. In this way, you can also use call to action possibility and make customers share your content. Everything in order to increase your visibility online.

  1. And what about your competition?

Instagram gives you the possibility to stand out from the competition in the most unique way. Try and change a bit the content you are using on your Instagram. It should be at least slightly different than the content you are sharing on other social media. And there it is, your marketing results can just get better!

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