Free Online Academic Resources For Young Entrepreneurs

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As an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you should always be on the lookout for new knowledge. While in the world of business, it’s not necessary to have an academic background, it’s certainly great to continue studying and developing your knowledge and skills throughout your career.

This is why Alpha57 is here to discuss free academic resources for all of you young entrepreneurs out there.


First of all, do you know what a MOOC is?

No? Well, you should.

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, of course.

In other words, a MOOC is an online platform that is accessible to everyone and that allows you to learn no matter who you are and where you are. The beauty of MOOCs is that you can get resources from some of the best universities, scholars, entrepreneurs, etc, without having to spend thousands of dollars or relocating to another country. There are all sorts of MOOCs out there and there are so many of them that sometimes it can be hard to choose just one or two.

But don’t worry, Alpha57 team has got your back, we are here to present you our top 3 picks from our favorite online learning platform.


The first step to finding our favourite MOOCS

Is to log in to EDx. What is EDx? It’s a large online platform created and developed by some of the best universities in the world, including MIT, Oxford University, Universite Sorbonne Paris and hundreds of other great academic institutions. It’s goal is to promote free knowledge and make it accessible to as many people as possible.


Now that you know about the platform, we can present our favorite MOOCs:

Becoming an Entrepreneur (from MIT)

This MOOC from one of the best universities in the world is made for newbies in the entrepreneurial world. It will help you with business ideas, marketing challenges and pitching your projects to others. It’s the perfect way to learn the basics before becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur yourself!

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (from Harvard University)

Are you interested in venturing into foreign markets? If one of your possible markets happens to be in an emerging economy, this course will be perfect for you. You’ll learn about the main challenges of doing business in emerging economies and you’ll tackle some of the main problems. Who knows, maybe you’ll have amazing solutions to propose!

Digital Leadership (from Boston University)

This program is not a simple MOOC, it’s a micro master recognized by the industry! It offers you 5 courses within the masters where you’ll gain all the skills necessary for doing business in the digital age. The courses are the following: Digital Transformation Strategy, Platform Strategy for Business, Leading in the Digital Age, Designing for Experimentation to Enhance Digital Business Innovation and Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making.


If you are interested in pursuing any of these courses, you should know you have two options. One is to access all this content for free and learn for your own pleasure. The other is to get a certificate at the end and you pay 69$ for a single classic MOOC or 1000$ for a master’s degree!

Whatever option you choose, Alpha57 team hopes you’ll enjoy these courses as much as we enjoyed the courses we’ve taken on this platform. Have fun learning!

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