Content Marketing Trends In 2018

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Content marketing has gained steam in recent years and it’s not about to slow down. With the new year rolling just around the corner, there are some major trends in the content marketing world to look out for.

Here are some that Alpha57 team has selected for you.


  • More original content, less ads. In the world that’s oversaturated with ads everywhere, big companies will try a different approach next year. In 2018, be on the lookout for original content and even entire series being created as a subtle way to promote new services. Apple is rolling out a series of videos to promote their new platform, for example. While companies with a smaller budget might find this hard to accept, the giants will bring on new (and expensive) ways of promoting their products.


  • Transparency. Speaking of ads, people have become overwhelmed with the amount of ads, specifically with hidden ads. In 2018, consumers will want more transparent advertising, especially online through blogs and social media. Instagram has already introduced a label saying “paid partnership with…” so that its users can be well aware of what’s happening. Other platforms have introduced or will introduce similar features as well.


  • More diverse social media presence. While social media will still be going strong in 2018, you can no longer have just one or two profiles active. You will need to increase your social media presence and have pages or profiles on more than Facebook and Instagram. Social media channels have expanded tremendously, which is why you need to up your game too.


  • Live feeds. Photos are still a major part of social media, but it’s video that’s going to be the key marketing tool in 2018. Video has already sealed its presence in 2017, but in 2018, you will see more and more live feeds. This is the what’s new. Users aren’t satisfied with plain old video anymore, you will need to work on live feeds broadcasted across multiple platforms.


It’s almost 2018, get to know these upcoming trends, see how they can be incorporated into your business strategy. Plan ahead and keep up with the newest trends around!

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