Casper Ravn Sørensen – Through collaboration to power

What is power? If we would try to find a definition of power, it would be “the ability to influence or outright control the behaviour of people”. But Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Alpha57 don’t understand the power in such a shallow way.

Can we get the power through collaboration?

For them, the power lies in collaboration. Alpha57 has been created as the idea of a platform that would help young entrepreneurs and companies find the possible collaborations in order to better their marketing strategy.

Facebook is a great platform for businesses to grow. It’s a great opportunity to make online sales, increase awareness of your brand, create a platform/community of customers that can discuss your product and get reviews, feedback. You can use the platform to improve your website visibility among people, which leads to increasing number of new customers. If you are familiar with all their tools created specifically for business purpose, you can get even more benefits out of it. It’s great that Facebook is constantly improving and adding business tools, features that optimizes your business page.

Communication and interaction

But it is not just about making a Facebook profile. In order to get your product to be acknowledges, one has to know all the rules, but tips and tricks as well for making it happen.

But in order to benefit from using Facebook, each business owner has to understand the actual value of social media platforms. Is not only about posting content ones in a while, it’s not as newspapers. It’s about communication and interaction with people, and trying to engage each other, in this way you will attract new customers that will eventually promote you further. I believe that’s the best part of using Facebook, if you work hard and find a way to reach out to your audience, they will promote you further and eventually help you attract new ones without your involvement.

Association of ideas

But Casper Ravn-Sørensen knows that it is not just Facebook, it is all social media that has to be fused together in the right way, and Alpha57 can help you achieving your goals.

But he is also an investor, so, if you would need the financial support as well for your idea, you can get in touch with him, or read more on his personal website.

As a Business Angel, I am always happy to share my knowledge, experience and network – I think these are the main needs each entrepreneur has at the early stage. Regarding the risk; I would call it part of my work, because as a Business Angel I invest in new ideas, projects and start-ups. I invest in those companies with a proof of concept and revenue, but without many business activities. I believe in these cases I can bring the most value; in these companies my experience is the most needed.