Case: Cheapflights - Get the best deals on your flights!
Cheapflights - Alpha57 case

Case: Cheapflights

With Cheapflights, you can find and compare cheap flights from over 4 million daily deals. The cheapest flights & best travel deals every day.


About the project:

Cheapflights are a part of the global well known Momondo Group. "We have helped the company with leadgeneration in the english speaking countries", says Casper Ravn-Sørensen. "Cheapflights wanted us to create a landing page and drive traffic to those different pages". "Our target markets for this customer was Canada, UK and Australia". "We created a universe / landingpage that was coherent with the look and feel as the customers website". "After that was created we created a marketing mix of traffic sources and then started sending traffic to the websites", says Casper Ravn-Sørensen. "We have been working with this customer for a long time and we really know what they need and how they work with their customers after signup". Cheapflights has one of the most sophisticated platforms in the world when it comes to flight tickets and they have had really great success with our leads in the past and hopefully they will also have that in the future".

Project type:

Lead Generation