Benefits of blog commenting – 3 simple rules to know

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Are you a new blog writer on the scene? Do you want to attract new readers to your blog? You surely think you must comment on other people’s posts. Is this true? Well, yes, to an extent.

You can have amazing benefits from blog commenting, but you need to know how to do it properly.


Don’t know how?

Don’t worry, Alpha57 team is here to help.


The proper way to write comments on blogs is to read the posts you’re commenting on (and to read them carefully) and then write a meaningful comment about it. In the comment, you can show your appreciation of the text in question, you can add why you find the text interesting and it’s always nice to add an anecdote related to the subject of the text. After a comment that really makes sense, you can add a link to your blog. If your only reason for commenting is to write a promo for your blog, then don’t do it.

Don’t spam! Spam is just awful, no one likes to read spam comments anyway, so this is not a good way to attract more traffic. It’s like that saying: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Stick to this rule when commenting and try to come up with something positive or useful, even an useful comment that criticizes something. This is a great way to attract people to your own blog, because if they like what you wrote, they might want to check out more content from you!


What are the real benefits of blog commenting?

Comments help you improve your visibility

If you comment on popular blogs, chances are, numerous people will see what you wrote and some of those people will check out your blog. More traffic is great for any blogger, so this benefit is an obvious one. You may even get new subscribers and regular readers!

You connect with the community

If you comment on regular bases, bloggers and readers will get to know you. Having connections in the blogging community can be incredibly helpful for a young blogger. Bloggers can give you tips, readers can interact with you and help you improve your content, etc. Basically, the exchange of information within the online community is extremely helpful.

You may get paid for a sponsored review

The earn by comment reviews are a good source of income. If your comments get noticed, some leaders in the blogging community may want to pay you to write more of those great comments! This is why quality comments matter even in the financial sense. Work on your comments, it may pay off. Literally!


If you’re still unsure about commenting, don’t be. Commenting has many more benefits than you can imagine, it’s definitely an activity that will boost your blogging. So don’t wait, go out there and write great comments!


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