Alpha57 is a performance-based media company. We focus on online activities, consulting and finding better performing solutions for our clients’ online business.

We have several years of experience from the online marketing industry, primarily working with clients from the European countries.
We support our clients with a large variety of solutions that result in more efficient marketing spend and/or a more effective way of driving traffic and customers to you .

Alpha57 has a team of people specializing in lead generation, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, social media and website optimization. With a large network of professionals we can help just about any business grow.

Please contact us if you are interested in one of our services.


When and Why did Alpha57 start doing Business

Alpha57 started in 2013. With several years of experience in the online marketing and lead gen industries, it was natural for this passionate and competent group to help other businesses grow and increase their capital.

The founder Casper Ravn-Sørensen has been working as a media consultant for several years and has been involved with several different online companies. As the demand for online marketing consultancy increased at the start of 2013, it only seemed natural to start up Alpha57 as a place where people could be referred to, after working with us, or one of our partners. Lead generation is our core business and within this area we can really create results for you.

Unique solutions tailored for your business

We are constantly learning and applying our knowledge into our cases in order to refine and develop the process of our clients’ business. All businesses are unique in one way or another. Everyone has a different approach. We pursue our relationships based on transparency and mutual trust with our business partners.

Our approach is to create tailored solutions that fit well with your business and working style. We become familiar with your company, your goals, your expectations, and we create unique solutions for your business.