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If you’re a blogger, you have probably encountered some difficulty with coming up with great ideas for texts and giving them proper titles. The amount of traffic your post will get depends mostly on whether readers will click on the title or not, which is why you need to come up with strong titles.

If you have some difficulty in doing so, don’t worry, Alpha57 team has some advice for you.

Tease the content of the text

The most important feature of effective blog titles is that they’re teasing readers. If someone stumbles upon your post, the title should send him a clear message about what’s to come if they continue on and read your text. It’s important to have an informative title, but don’t say too much either. An effective title can inform without revealing everything. It’s all up to you, come up with a working title and improve it from there until you reach just the right amount of information that will keep your readers wanting more!

Keep it short

Yes, you need an informative title, but you also need a short title because today’s readers will just keep scrolling if they see an enormous title coming their way. This is why you should pick your words wisely. Alpha57 team recommends yet again to start with an initial (longer) title and reduce the number of words to add more punch. An effective title should be like a great slogan of sorts, it should be short and sweet, so that it can resonate quickly with the audience. However, don’t neglect the message you want to send, it should short to the point where it’s not longer understandable!

Use keywords

With the shortness of an effective title comes the use of keywords. Keywords have multiple benefits as they are meant to bring in more traffic. Do a thorough research in order to pick the perfect keyword for your post and then incorporate it in the title. With the right words in mind, it will be easier to attain the perfect short and punchy title. However, don’t overdo it with keywords, your title should not look like a list of keywords!

Include numbers

If you want an effective title, sometimes it’s good to include some numbers or stats. Think about titles like “5 ways to improve your landing page” or “3 tips for Facebook marketing” and create one that fits your current text perfectly. Carefully selected statistics can also do the trick as they give your text some support and make readers feel more confident about clicking on your title. This is why you should consider adding a number to the mix, but don’t do it at all cost, be careful and choose numbers that fit with the topic!


With Alpha57 tips on writing a great title, your blog titles will go from average to effective in a matter of minutes! For more tips and tricks, check out our blog here.

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